Locjack Design Benefits

LOCJACK is a uniquely designed locking keystone security jack for facilities requiring a higher level of network protection. Its blocking function protects against unauthorized access to networks, and its locking function prevents accidental or intentional removal of cables from the network. LOCJACK is a low-cost, more effective solution than any other locking keystone security solution on the market and provides many features not available by the competition.


» Secures both Data and Voice networks from unauthorized access

» Eliminates downtime from accidental removal of patch cables

» Secures network at the keystone jack requiring security key access

» Built-In Port Blocker to prevent unauthorized network access

» Lock is economically built into jack eliminating need for costly locking cables

» Protects from network tampering in public accessible network locations

» Ideal protection for high security environments such as banks, hospitals, hotels, schools, airports, retail stores, IP camera surveillance and military installations




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